B. Posters Designed by Will H. Bradley

Arranged chronologically by year.


B1 The Chap-Book [ ‘The Twins’ ]

[Poster for The Chap-Book, May 1894]. Two stylized women with bouquets. Two-color lithograph: red and dark green. Chicago: Stone & Kimball, published May 1894. Signed lower left: WILL H | BRADLEY ’94. 14" w. x 20 1/2" h.

Bradley’s poster advertising the first issue of Stone and Kimball’s publication The Chap-Book, was also known as ‘The Twins.’ As the 15 May 1894 issue featured illustration by Aubrey Beardsley, Bradley mimicked the Englishman’s Yellow Book style in his poster. Bradley’s style was new and different to American audiences — and immediately criticized — by the press.

“…the very funniest thing out is the ‘Chap-Book’ poster. No mortal man can possibly tell without deliberately investigating, what it means or what it represents. Ten feet away one would be willing to make an oath that it was a very, very red turkey gobbler very poorly represented. On closer inspection it seems to have been intended for two human beings, one at least being in a red gown very short at both ends.

The remaining characteristics are very lightly outlined, hence the turkey gobbler aspect when seen a few feet away.”

— American Printer, Dec 1894

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B 1

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