Online Privacy Policy recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information collected about its users. ‘Personal Information’ includes, but is not limited to, usage data along with the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address information of Users. Therefore, we don’t sell or otherwise disclose any individually identifiable personal information about any user without the express and informed consent of such user. Nor do we include in any functionality for performing ‘reverse searches’ to identify users from their email addresses. However, we reserve the right to analyze and utilize user data in order to more effectively optimize the user experience within this website. We also reserve the right to share with our partners and third parties some personal information on an aggregate basis only and provided that such use of personal information does not violate any expectations of privacy of or agreement with any user. We have adopted this privacy policy to inform users how we collect, store, and use personal information. Our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using personal information against the reasonable expectations of privacy of our users.

Collection collects personal information during e-mail and site registration, store purchases, and other user registration processes. In addition, we collect personal information from users in the form of usage data (ie, web traffic analytics such as length of session, pages viewed, etc.) for use as provided in paragraph 3 below.


‘Cookies’ are temporary pieces of information that transfer to the hard drives of users for record-keeping purposes. We may place cookies with our users to provide them with seamless access to since storing their user name and password in a cookie eliminates the need to re-enter that information on every page. (Note: the use of cookies is an industry-standard and occurs in almost every website.)


We use personal information for developing enhancements to this website; marketing and promotional purposes, and evaluating usage by analyzing and otherwise using personal information and related data in the aggregate, but not with respect to any individual user.

Third Parties

We may provide demographic information in the aggregate regarding users to third parties; however, no personal information relating to any individual user is disclosed without the express consent of such user. In addition, any such user may withdraw his/her consent at any time.


Although we do not require registration to access this website, there may be certain images that may be deemed inappropriate for the very young. Children should always ask parents for permission before accessing or providing any personal information to We expressly adhere to all laws and policies related to children’s privacy.


We only collect personal information to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes, and we use state-of-the-art security technology to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of all personal information. In addition, we use security measures in connection with the collection and transmission of personal information during the registration process. Nonetheless, is not responsible for any breach of its security or for the actions of any third parties that may obtain any personal information.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time by notifying users (through posting a notice at this location or by e-mail) of the existence of a new privacy policy or any updates.


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