Wayside Ornaments

Wayside Ornaments, 1899

A set of ornaments designed by Will H. Bradley as companion pieces to his Wayside Borders.

The ornaments here shown were collected by Will Bradley, the artist, many of them being from medieval sources, and designed by him with especial reference to the requirements of modern typography. Without advertising of kind other than simple and incomplete showing in some of our specimen books, they at once appealed to the best judgment of every advanced printer who saw them. The present specimen is complete, and while limited space precludes an extended showing of their possible uses in actual work, every printer will readily see their availability. Excepting the larger sizes, a few of which are electrotypes, they are cast like type on point bodies. For sale at all branch houses and agencies of the American Type Founders Co.

Inland Printer, vol 24 (Oct 1899), 4pp insert opposite p 88


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