The Man Who Trifled

Writer, Director, The Man Who Trifled, 1921 silent film (lost).

“A drama of a man’s regeneration through a woman’s power.”

“A remarkable photoplay of the regenerative power of a Woman’s love. The romance of a man with too much money.”

The Man Who Trifled is the story of an artist who ‘falls in love’ with a country girl. To him, it’s only a passing fancy, and he returns to the city. She follows later when she thinks she needs him, but finds him amid scenes of revelry. She returns home. “But of course, he follows,” one reviewer wrote, “and again, of course, he saves her life.”

Bradley used his leading man H. Dudley Hawley in this scenic outdoor comedy.

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The Man Who Trifled, 5-reel film (romantic comedy, Dramafilms, released 1921). Written and directed by Will H. Bradley (as Will Bradley). Produced by Dramafilms. Distributed by Arrow Film Corporation. Posters by Ritchey.

Cast: H. Dudley Hawley, and others tbd.

1921 The Man Who Trifled ad

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