So Different

A. Books Designed by Will H. Bradley

A4. Waterman, Nixon. So different; a little story told in rhyme by Nixon Waterman with sundry picturings by Will H. Bradley, A.D. 1893. Detroit, Michigan: Michigan Stove Company, 1893.

Journalist and poet Nixon Waterman

Nixon Waterman

Not really a full-fledged book, this booklet was created by Nixon Waterman and Will Bradley to humorously advertise Garland brand stoves manufactured by the Michigan Stove Company of Detroit.

Nixon Waterman (1859-1944) was a poet, journalist, and Chautauqua lecturer with whom Will H. Bradley occasionally collaborated. Waterman served as editor for the Chicago Herald and Post from 1890 to 1893.

Ref: The Inland Printer, vol. 13, no. 11 (Sep 1894), pg 550; Bambace, A4; Koch, pg 30.

So Different

Cover, So Different.


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